2010 – First Canoe Trip Down the Salt River

Our love for the river started on a random trip with some friends and some rented canoes. It was that day that we began introducing others to the beauty of the river. Many river trips with canoes were made.

2011 –  Introduced to Kayaking & the Upper Salt River

A whole new world was opened up once we sat in a kayak. The control difference was amazing and our love for the river only intensified. We spent as much time as we could on the lower salt river and were limited to one time per year on the upper salt.

2017 – The Paddleboard Era Began

While kayaking with a group, a friend brought his paddleboard. In his words, “it’s the best way to go down the river”. While we thought he was crazy, he was right. Canoeing was fun, kayaking was amazing but, standing on the water and paddling down the river offered a totally different experience. On a paddleboard, you can see so much more of the river and its banks. We continue to kayak rapids on the Verde and upper salt but our greatest love is truly paddle boarding the lower salt.

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